Birthing Beds for India

Providing Comfort for Women around the World

When the First Lady of Irving visited clinics in India in the fall of 2009 she was astounded to see the conditions of the birthing centers available in some of the smaller cities. Rusty bed frames with old buckets underneath were the only comfort for expectant mothers would find during one of the most pivotal moments of their life. Since returning to the States Christina has been raising funds to provide clean and adequate birthing beds for new mothers to enjoy as they welcome a new life into this world.

Join Ms Gears today by donating to the IIWC Birthing Bed Fund and comforting women around the world.  100% of your donation towards the IIWC Birthing Bed Fund goes to one of two hospitals in India; the Chansad Hospital and Dabhoi Hospital.

Mail your check, made payable to IIWC to:
Attn: Birthing Beds for India
5201 N OConnor Blvd., Ste 200
Irving, TX 75039

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