Cynthia BrinkCynthia Brink

Cynthia Brink is an interculturalist by training, and spent 12 years helping run a cross-cultural training and consulting company in Dallas. Her work took her to 19 countries, for multinational clients based in the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany.  In 2010 she made the leap to education, and now works with corporate partners at North Lake College.

Her volunteer experience includes being a member of the board of the Latino Cultural Center for Arts and Letters (the organization which started the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas); providing seminars for the Import-Export Series of the Dallas ISBDC; being a host to groups for Dallas Council for International Visitors and the World Affairs Council; being a mentor Big Brothers/Big Sisters; and helping with her family’s restaurant, Arlington Steak House.

Cynthia has a warm place in her heart for Latin America, having lived and worked in Mexico and traveled in Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.  One of her interests is micro-lending on the model of Grameen Bank’s Muhammad Yunus.  She would like to see every woman have control over her finances and feel the freedom of professional self esteem.

Cynthia recently married her husband Carlos, and they live together with two pets, a spirited cat and a bilingual collie.


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