Christina Winters Gears

President, Creating & Managing Wealth
Former First Lady of Irving
Motivational Speaker
Talk Show Host

“Ladies, do you have your big-girl panties on?”

Not exactly what you would expect the Former First Lady of Irving to say, until you meet Christina Winters Gears. Christina’s passion and enthusiasm to see women succeed in every facet of life, from their personal journey, to the home, the community, and in the workplace, supersedes boundaries empowering hundreds of women to put on their own “big-girl panties” and teach others to do the same.

“I was raised to be a housewife,” the former first lady of Irving admits. “College wasn’t an option because my dad didn’t want to waste money on me since I was going to be a mother.” And while motherhood didn’t become a reality, corporate success did.

In her sixties, Christina is at the pinnacle of her profession managing more than $175 million in assets as president and chief executive officer of Creating and Managing Wealth, a financial planning firm with a focus on programs for educators. Christina’s personal client base is focused on Superintendents and CEO’s.

She’s come a long way from a factory workers daughter in Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland Christina started out toiling from one secretary job to another. Then her striking looks led her to try modeling. But modeling didn’t last. So, at 31, she headed to Los Angeles.

“I wanted to reinvent myself,” Gears said. “I wanted to be independent and not depend on a man to survive.”

But life wasn’t easy in the land of sunshine and palm trees. She pounded the pavement in 115-degree heat searching for a job. Her apartment was burglarized; her car broke down and then was repossessed. Then she stumbled upon a class studying metaphysics (the Success of the mind) about human potential at the UCLA that changed everything.

“It made me see I was in control,” she said. “I changed the quality of my thinking and therefore the quality of my life.”

She soon landed a sales job at United Resources. From secretary to Vice President in six years Gears’ final promotion with United Resources brought her to Texas and when in 1989 the company was sold to MetLife, she left to become her own boss.

Christina Winters Gears is deeply devoted to her community. Her role as former first lady allowed her to share her skills even more ubiquitously. In 2006, Christina founded the Irving International Women’s Consortium. An intercultural group of women representing more than 20 nationalities and about 50 professions, the consortium helps women to become effective leaders through personal and professional development.

It is Gears personal belief that her life changed only because of the influence of mentors around her and who supported her during pivotal transitional periods of her life. Now Christina herself is the mentor for others. In her business Christina helps women take control of and understand their financial futures in ways that are important to them. In the community Christina’s philanthropic touch can be felt across a dizzying array of non-profits that each fill a need in the community and empower individuals.

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